Like Mike Joad

These are just a few of the shots I have of the scenes I did in "Like Mike" for Fox. My character, Marvin Joad, is the first guy to befriend Calvin (played by Bow Wow) when he joins the Los Angeles Knights after beating our star player in a halftime one on one game. Finally got to play myself, or at least someone not in prosthetic makeup, for a change

Star Trek Voyager Beta-Hirogen

These pictures were taken during the filming of an episode of "Star Trek Voyager" entitled "Hunters". The character name was Beta-Hirogen and the suit was built by "Make-up Effects Lab". Makeup started at 5:30AM and took them until 9AM to complete. After about 14 hours of shooting we finished the day with another 45 minutes of cleanup. In the second shot I am resting between scenes on a chair built especially for the characters. Between my size and the bulk of the suit, a regular chair was not going to cut it. The gentleman with me in the third shot is Michael Westmore, head of the makeup department for "Voyager".

Xena character

These pictures were all taken while in New Zealand filming three episodes of "Xena, Warrior Princess". The costume was built by the guys at KNB EFX Group.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

These photos are from "Buffy The Vampire Slayer". The makeup was designed and created by the guys at "Optic Nerve" who also designed and built the suit I wore for an episode of "The X-Files". 

The makeup in the first two pics is from the episode "Gingerbread" and it took 6 1/2 hours to apply the first day with an additional 2 hours to remove. It included a full front chest and stomach prosthetic piece, a hump on my back, full facial prosthetics, fake teeth, a wig, red contacts, finger extensions and hair laid over my upper body and arms.

The third picture was taken on the set of the episode "Living Conditions". This make-up was much easier to apply as it was just a facial prosthetic, teeth and contacts.

The last picture is one of the front and back sides of a "Buffy" trading card. It is the character from the episode "Gingerbread".

Miscellaneous character suits

These first two pics were taken on the set of a commercial for Carlsberg Beer for Europe. This is the shoot where I met Brian Penikas of "Make-up & Monsters". He and his assistant at the time put this suit together in under a week working out of his garage. We shot the commercial north of Santa Barbara, CA at a place called Zaca Lake.

The third and fourth photos were taken on the set of "Tale Of The Mummy" in Luxembourg. The suit was custom fit to my body and designed and built by "KNB EFX Group". The film was co-written and directed by Russel Mulcahy who also directed an episode of the HBO series "Perversions of Science" I did, and the films "Highlander I and II, and The Shadow". "Tale Of The Mummy" has been released, you might be able to find it on your local video store shelves or look for it online.

The last was taken outside the special effects make-up shop I used to work for, "Make-up & Monsters". The make-up was for an audition for a commercial and was done by Brian Penikas in about 20 minutes.

Other characters

The first two pictures above are from a show for the WB Network called "Dead Last" while the last picture was taken at a local Renaissance Fair.